TLS provided a design/build solution that focused on Energy Conservation measures for the Thomas E Creek VAMC. This project included energy efficient lighting, low flow plumbing fixtures, and solar gain reduction window coatings. In addition to these measures, TLS designed and built a complete Thermal Storage System that provided for a partial storage solution using an ice making chiller and eighteen ice storage tanks. This system produces ice at night when both the electrical demand and the air conditioning requirements are at their lowest point. The ice is then “burned” during peak demand hours allowing the customer to reduce his chiller operating requirements by over two thirds. In addition to the electrical peak shaving, this system reduced water consumption by over 2.1 million gallons per year.


The VISN 7 CCRS is a web based Automated Commissioning Reporting System that allows the VISN energy team to view operating performance at each of the VISN 7 Campus across GA, AL and SC. This system brings in data from the Non-Electric Metering project, the Electrical Metering project and the Building Automation System. All of these data points are run through an exclusive analytics program, where it automatically finds any errors within the system. There is also web based user interface that allows all of the VISN 7 energy managers to log in and view the exact amount of energy their hospital is using for a specific time period. The system also shows how much money the sites are saving or losing based on the historical trends. This is the most advanced tool any Energy Engineer can utilize for Automated Commissioning and driving overall Facility Operating Expenses down.


  • Client:VA Healthcare System
  • Project type:Metering
  • Project date:Dec. 2013

Signage Project, Alexandria, LA

Install Campus Entry Identity/Digital Display, Campus Entry Identity/Boundary Marker, Building Mounted Building Identity,Building Mounted Entry Identity, Primary Vehicular Directional, Secondary Vehicular Directional, Tertiary/Specific Directional Pedestrian Directional signage. "WAYFINDING" for the VA Healthcare System, Alexandria, Louisiana.


  • Client: VA Healthcare System
  • Project type: Signage
  • Project date: December 15th 2012