Recently Awarded Projects






VAMCEdward Hines, JR. – Hines, IL –  TL Services, Inc. has been awarded the contract that will provide the inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair for the temperature control systems and devices specified throughout the hospital.

VAMC-Michael E. DeBakey-Houston, TX – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded the contract that will provide services necessary for complete design and completion of designated waterproofing of exterior elevations. The purposes of this project is to repair leaking exterior elevations to include pressure washing precast concrete walls, granite walls and canopy columns, caulking joints, waterproofing; and to correct window leaks by replacing deteriorated glaze and gaskets to include areas that are weak and may leak in the near future.

VAMC-Michael E. DeBakey-Houston, TX –  TL Services, Inc., has been awarded the project that will replace the existing 480Y/277V, generator Paralleling switch gear.  In addition to replacing the PSG switchboard, the project will include the replacement of the six existing 700 kW diesel engine driven generators and the replacement of sixteen existing ATS.

VAMC-Michael E. DeBakey-Houston, TX –TL Services, Inc.,  has been awarded a project to remove the dead legs from the plumbing system on site.  The goal is to remove unused portions of the domestic water system which would be considered stagnation points throughout the hospital.  The scope of work includes removal of unused plumbing fixtures, piping, and associated plumbing accessories back to the main branch lines.  Project includes removal and reinstallation of all walls and finishes in approximately 66 areas of the hospital.

VAMC-Thomas E. Creek – Amarillo, TX – TL Services, Inc.  has been awarded a project to include all necessary preparation, correction and completion of the system that may lead to Legionella throughout the current domestic water system, as well as placement of new sensors in the current system as shown in the drawings and specs.
VAMC Overton Brooks-Shreveport, LA – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded the contract to replace the existing fire alarm system in the hospital.
VAMC Overton Brooks – Shreveport, LA – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded the contract to provide all the labor, material, tools and equipment necessary to accomplish the paving and drainage improvements in 5 seperate areas at Overton Brooks VAMC.  Work includes demolition of pavements and concrete, excavating, back filling, and grading.  New work includes installation of various storm drainage structures, soil nails and mat assembly, new sub-base and asphalt paving, concrete curbs and gutters.  New work will also include final grading and landscaping.  All work shall be in accordance with VA guidelines, codes and project drawings and specifications.
 VAMC – Michael E. Debakey – Houston, TX – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded a contract to upgrade the Main Lobby of the hospital.  Project details included site demolition of planters, lobby desk, flooring, ceilings, HVAC system and finishes.  New flooring, automatic lobby doors, lighting, ceilings, and HVAC were included in this project.
VAMC- Michael E. DeBakey – Houston, TX – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded a contract to upgrade the boiler control system.  The existing boiler control system was beyond it’s useful life and obtaining repair parts was becoming difficult.  TLS was hired to remove the controls on four individual boilers and install a completely new system which included a master control panel.  Scope of work included new flow meters, steam pressure sensors, feed water valves, water level probes, servo motors, variable speed drives, TDS Controls, Oxygen Sensors, DA and Surge Tank control panels, new wiring, and integration into the campus BMS system.

VA NCA-Houston National Cemetery, TX – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded a contract to repair and renovate the public restrooms in the Hemicycle Building.

VAMC Michael E. DeBakey – Houston, TX – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded a contract to renovate the exterior of Building 110.

VAMC Overton Brooks – Shreveport, LA – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded a contract to replace specific fan coil units in the main hospital building in both clinical and administrative areas.  It includes the removal of approximately 20-year old units and related components and replacement with new fan coil units, including all associated valves, piping, strainers, vents, insulation, ducts, and thermostats.  It replaces the existing FCU control system with a new controls system integrated into the existing system.

VAMC Alexandria, LA – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded a contract to renovate and upgrade the SPD area for a new cart washer and balance the air flow.

VAMC Orlando, FL – Lake Nona Campus – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded a contract to provide and install privacy curtains and track for various clinic areas.

VAMC Michael E. DeBakey – Houston, TX – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded four task orders under our interior IDIQ.  Electrical Testing, Arc Flash Study, OR Bathroom Renovation and Main Entrance Renovation.

VAMC Kerrville, TX – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded a contract to remodel the 1st and 2nd floor showers and bathrooms of building 96.

Fort Polk CBOC, Leesville, LA – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded a 4-year (base year plus 3 options) contract for building operations and maintenance.

VAMC – Amarillo, TX – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded a task order under the VISN 18 MATOC to repair the ceiling in food and nutrition.

NAVFAC- Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNSY)-Regional Operations Command Center (ROC) – Kittery, ME – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded this project to reduce total energy consumption in 25 buildings by connecting their HVAC control systems to an Industrial Control System for remote control and monitoring.

VAMC Michael E. DeBakey – Houston, TX – TL Services, Inc. has been awarded the project to renovate the 2nd Floor of Building 100 which is the Diagnostic & Therapy Care Line areas.

Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System – New Orleans, LA – TL Services, Inc. was awarded a design build contract to install utility metering at CRRC.

LRAFB-LIttle Rock Air Force Base-Little Rock, AR – TL Services, Inc. was awarded a contract to construct and install utility meters in multi facilities.

VARO Little Rock, AR – TL Services, Inc. was awarded the Lighting Retrofit project for Building 65.  This includes the demolition and removal of existing structures, and furnish labor and materials and perform work according to specifications and drawings.

VAMC Michael E. DeBakey – Houston,TX – TL Services, Inc. was awarded an IDIQ contract and has received several task orders against this IDIQ contract.  They include; replacing return fans and motors, site prep for Uroskope, Bathroom renovations, replace therapy pool AHU, VRF installation, replace nurse stations 2A and 5E, renovate Police Space, renovate ENT waiting room, correct Pharmacy deficiencies, replace B108 AHU and renovate communal baths.

VAMC Overton Brooks – Shreveport, LATL Services, Inc. has been awarded the project to provide and install new networked multiplexed intelligent addressable fire alarm system.  The system shall include the furnishing, installing, and connection of the fire alarm equipment to form a complete coordinated system ready for operation.  It shall include, but not be limited to, alarm initiating devices, alarm notification appliances, control units, fire safety control devices, annunciators, power supplies, and wiring as shown on the drawings and specifications.

VAMC West Palm Beach, FL –TL  Services, Inchas been awarded an E-85 Fueling Station Project to install a 5,000 gallon, E-85 fueling station, to be located at the West Palm Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center.  This project consists of construction necessary for site preparation, foundation, exterior lighting, landscaping, communications, permits, spill prevention counter measure plan, zoning process, and commissioning in accordance with the plans and specifications.

VAMC – Orlando, FL – Lake Nona, Baldwin Park, and Lakemont- has awarded TL Services, Inc. the Orlando Air Filter Maintenance Project. This is a Three Year Renewable Service Contract to replace air filters at three locations  in Orlando, FL on a monthly basis.  TL Services will replace all filters monthly in each AHU and perform visual inspections of each AHU to include inspections on belts, pulleys, coils, and drain pans.

VISN 7 – Service Contract – In 2013,  TLS installed an automated continuous commissioning and reporting system (CCRS) which allows the VISN 7 energy team to continuously identify issues in the ten hospitals that negatively affect energy use.   At the completion of this system,   TLS entered into a service contract to maintain the CCRS system, but also implement repairs and improvements that were identified by the system.   The scope of work involved adjustments and repairs to energy consuming equipment, energy meter repair and calibration,  web services, and technical advice to the end users.    This service contract allows the VA to get the most out of the system and drive significant energy savings

NOAA-Brownsville, TX-HVAC Building Automation System Replacement- TL Services, Inc. has been awarded a contract to remove all existing Building Automation System and replace with the latest generation of BAS with BACnet compliant BTL Certified system (non-Proprietary).

VAMC-Omaha, NE-E85 Fueling Station –  TL Services, Inc. has been awarded an E-85 Fueling Station Project in Omaha Nebraska.  This is a 180 day project for completion.

 VAMC-Cleveland, OH-Convert VAV Boxes to DDC-TLS Contracting, will provide for the replacement of Thermostats that are Pneumatic controlled with DDC controlled Thermostats to allow full control of existing VAV Boxes.

VAMC- Wilkes Barre, PA – AHU Maintenance Contract – TL Services secured a five (5) year annual Air Handler preventive maintenance contract including air filter replacements at the VA Medical Center in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Under this contract, our team will perform quarterly filter changes and preventive maintenance on 78 Air Handler Units. Air Filters will be supplied by one of our top Suppliers, American Air Filter (AAF).

VAMC – Albuquerque – Energy Savings Enhancements – Phase 2 – TL Services secured a $2M project at the VA Medical Center located in Albuquerque, NM to remove and replace 465 dual duct terminal units in Building 41. Included in the scope of work is an upgrade of all the pneumatic temperature controls to Direct-Digital Controls. The project includes performing the work in phases to ensure no disruption to the hospital occupants. In addition, we will be performing NEBB-certified test and balance professional services as a part of this project. The project has a 322 day period of performance and work is already underway with Wes May as the on-site Superintendent.

 VISN 7 – RETRO-COMMISSIONING SERVICES –This project is provide Retro Commissioning Services for the following locations in the Veterans Integrated Service Network(VISN) 07: Atlanta VAMC, Augusta (Uptown) VAMC, Augusta (Downtown) VAMC, Birmingham VAMC, Charleston VAMC, Columbia VAMC, Dublin VAMC, Montgomery VAMC, Tuscaloosa VAMC, Tuskegee VAMC.

 Tomah VAMC in (Tomah, WI) –  TLS Contracting, has been awarded the contract to integrate & improve utility meters. This includes the installation of electric, steam, chilled water, hot water, water, natural gas for metering energy and water usage. This project includes the integration of all new and existing meters into the Building Automation System (BAS)including summations, trending, and reporting to Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

James A Haley VA Health Care System (Tampa, FL)- TL Services is completing the Tampa Heat Exchanger Contract in which we demolished and replaced the existing heat exchangers and pumps with a new Thrush S8-48-2, 2-pass shell and tube steam to water heat exchangers, complete with new piping pumps and control valves. We’re also providing new JCI BACnet controllers for communication and new programming and user views for the JCI Metsays frontend.

Audie L. Murphy Health Care System (San Antonio, TX) – TL Services recently completed an E85 Fueling Station Project and we provided and installed a 10,000.00 E85 above ground fueling station that aesthetically matches with the surrounding buildings and structures and includes landscaping that minimizes any negative visual impact. The tank is enclosed in a 7’ brick wall and externally lit with LED photocell fixtures. A galvanized, arched car port is also provided to protect employees from direct and indirect rain during fueling operation at the pump and vehicle location.

Alexandria VA Health Care System(Alexandria, LA)- TL Services has recently been awarded 4 new projects with this VA. The following are the recently awarded contracts;

  • TL Services – is to complete a renovation and repair of building 46 (Chapel) on this site.
  • TL Services – will repair and replace all components and reprogram the Fire Works Fire Alarm System at this site.
  • TL Services – is to furnish the traffic flow signs, street name signs, monument signs, E-85 Fueling Station signs, and the facility sustaining generator building sign at this location.
  • TL Services – is to remove and replace old double window, trim and framing with new double windows, trim and frames in 64 rooms in Building 45. This includes the framing, and all the interior and exterior painting.

Malcom Randall, VA Medical Center (Gainesville, FL) – TL Services secured a project on a controls upgrade where TLS will be replacing the old pneumatic Barrington Controls System that resides within this building and replacing it with a Siemens Direct Digital Control System. The Barrington System is obsolete and parts are no longer available for this system. The new Siemens System to be installed is similar to the Advanced Metering Project Control System TLS installed a couple of years ago at this site. The project work will be performed in a non-critical area of the hospital called the Community Living Center, where patients are observed and no surgical procedures are performed. This project includes the installation of a new open protocol Tridium AX graphical frontend computer server and will provide improved energy efficiency and temperature control within this building.

Oklahoma City VA Medical Center (Oklahoma City, OK) – TLS Contracting, was awarded a Firm-Fixed price contract to relocate the Oklahoma City VA’s Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU). This is a high profile project that will add an 8th story to the current seven story hospital. TLS Contracting’s bidding team approached the bidding of this project with a goal of self performing all of the high value Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) operations required to complete the building. TLS Contracting, will also provide Program and Project Management which will include Site Safety and Quality Control activities. The steel erection, exterior and interior walls, floor finishes, elevator installations and roofing will be completed by our subcontractors. The successful completion of this project will help to position TLS Contracting as a premier Multi-discipline Contractor to the Federal Government.

W.G.(Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center (Salisbury, NC) – TLS was awarded a Firm-Fixed price contract for an E85 fueling station project. This greenfield project includes civil engineering, site work, electrical, security, and fuel delivery systems.

Huntington VA Medical Center (Huntington, WV) – TLS was awarded a Firm-Fixed price contract to upgrade the cooling system and controls in the main hospital. The contract includes the installation of two 500 ton chillers with variable speed drive technology along with upgrading the piping systems to handle the extra capacity. The controls are also being upgraded to provide the latest in central plant optimization to drive overall chilled water plant energy savings.

Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center (Augusta, GA) – TLS was awarded a Firm-Fixed price contract to upgrade the security systems at both the uptown and downtown hospitals. The scope of work includes a full scale replacement of the card access and CCTV systems, fencing and physical barriers, and the general renovation of the police stations at each site.

Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center (Houston) – TLS was awarded a Firm-Fixed Price Construction contract for providing general construction to include replacing the flooring, remodeling the drop off/pick up area with new security glass windows, counters and roller shades, and removing walls behind the counter space to create more ergonomically correct work areas for the renovation of an approximately 6,000 square feet space for the VA’s Pharmacy.

Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center (Muskogee) – TLS was awarded a Firm-Fixed Price Construction contract for electrical services including removal of switchgear and an old Generator in Room 1E9 and the installation of new Automatic Transfer Switchgear connecting to a new remote existing generator building. Our job is to completely prepare the site for construction operations, including furnishing all skilled trades and labors with required equipment, materials and tools necessary to safely complete all work for demolition, general construction, and MEP construction. The project will require careful coordination with the medical center for the system shutdowns and cutover work.

George E. Wahlen VA Medical Center- (Salt Lake City, UT) –TLS was awarded an 03FAC Contract to service and upgrade 24 existing air handling units. This upgrade will include adding airflow stations, cleaning and balancing chilled water coils and dampers. Services will also include augmenting the existing DDC Control System with a program for System performance analysis. This program will operate in a dashboard configuration and will focus on continuous commissioning.

Veterans Healthcare Center of the Ozarks-(Fayetteville, AR)-  TLS was awarded a Firm-Fixed price contract to replace the chiller, chiller pumps and associated piping in building four. This contract also provides for the replacement pumps and associated piping for hot water generation and supply.

Grand Junction VA Medical Center (Colorado)- TLS was awarded an 03FAC contract to upgrade 26 existing air handlers with air flow stations. TLS will also upgrade software to increase server performance within the existing DDC Control System. The new software will operate in a dashboard configuration and will be focused on continuous commissioning.